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Thailand rent contract


Foreign businesses can feel relaxed now as the Act Governing the Lease of Immovable Property for Commercial & Industrial Purposes has increased from 30-50 years & allowed lease rights to be mortgaged as security. For investors this means: a longer lease can accommodate long term business planning & the right to mortgage the lease as security in order to receive finance. Financial institutions can benefit because they can take a lease right as security.

Regulations: 50 yrs now. Only applies to immovable property for commercial & industrial reasons. Only the owner can lease it. Lease must be in writing & registered.

The Government Gazette Aug 2000: says the business must have one of the following.

1/. Commercial business with at least 20m baht in investment

2/. Industrial businesses qualify for promotion under the Investment Promotion Act.

3/.Other commercial or industrial businesses beneficial to the economy. property leased must be located in industrial are as set out in the City Planning Act or the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. Land Dept must approve leases over 100 rai. Foreign leases must comply as well with the Foreign Business Act. Leases can be renewed after 50 years for another 50 years. If the lessee dies the inheritor can take over. The lessee can sub lease or transfer lease rights, either wholly or in part, to a third party. Since a lease right can be mortgaged, if the debtor defaults on payments the lease may be seized & sold at a public auction. Mortgagee may claim: 1/. The debtor has failed to pay interest for 5 years; 2/. Mortgagor has the value of the property is greater than the amount due & 3/. There's no other registered mortgages or preferential rights on the same property. TO LEASE A  HOUSE & TO LEASE LAND: We firstly check the title Deed & check any liens on the said property. Then we take the lease to the Amphur together with the nor sor sam or Kanut and have it registered. It is then stamped & the land cannot then be sold unless the lease is cancelled. A lease without doing this is useless. The first lease should be done properly by a reliable lawyer. ( We charge 10,000 baht if straight forward and not no travel costs ). Most wives would agree to these procedures by explaining to them that if they died, they would not want their husbands thrown out!  You can also sell a lease.DOING IT YOURSELF: You can register a 30 years lease at the land department yourself and amend it but most times you may be better to use a lawyer as the lease will be in Thai. If you cannot speak or read Thai then you may not even know what youre signing so play safe and use a lawyer for every contract for your own good. Your name will appear in the title and no one can cancel your lease.   LEASING VIA A LOAN TO YOUR COMPANY: This is an excellent way to lease if you have a company. An owner takes a lease out on a particular piece of land he wants to own with his own money? he loans his company money to buy the land and the lease in effect is owned by the company via the buyer. This then becomes an asset of the company and can be depreciated from his or her share registration & paid back at the buyer's pleasure.



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